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Blazing Fast Search App for Finding Jury Verdicts

About the project

The client has a long list of attorneys who subscribe to their publications, with increasing demand the physical publications had several limitations. 

They wanted to build a platform that will take the entire experience online. Thus providing the much needed scalability to the business and also benefit the subscribers by giving them tools to search and categorize the information they are interested in.

Client Overview:

Client is a well known verdicts publisher located in the USA. They had a long history of releasing publications that dealt in providing analysis, techniques, effective proofs and strategies used by the attorneys with a high success rate. 




  • They had an existing tech team that was slow to deliver.
  • The site didn’t have working payments
  • Corporate/Group Memberships weren’t supported
  • Wanted an affiliate and coupon system 
  • Fast searching and site performance

Planning & Development

  • Carefully reviewed the existing state of the application and created a game plan for each of the needed features. 
  • Integrated Stripe for payment and discount related functionality. 
  • A complete membership module with support for group membership was written from ground up catering to the very specific needs of the business. 
  • Using our extensive experience with ElasticSearch(ES), it was integrated for performing searches. 
  • Firebase was used for hosting the frontend and firestore for real time updates.


  • Work was broken down into milestones with defined delivery dates, taking away the uncertainty about timelines.
  • With our proficiency in Stripe, we implemented several complex payment scenarios that were based on combination of products and the type of customer.
  • Application frontend is highly available, lightweight and supports real time updates with firestore snapshots
  • Fast searches with highly relevant results

Tech Stack

  • Vue(NuxtJS), 
  • Firebase (Hosting, Firestore, Storage, Cloud functions)
  • Elastic Search